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Welcome to the Musee Baud

Filled with enchanting wonders to delight both young and old alike, the articles in our museum are sure to provoke nostalgic memoies of days gone by...

Spend an hour of enchantement discovering our exceptional musical pieces crafted between 1750 and 1940.

In our first room you will find music boxes, automata, clocks, singing birds, animated pictures and gramophones as well as other accessories, tools and souvenirs of the time period.

In our second room, one can admire the grandeur of our larger pieces while listening to these unique, priceless, mechanical musical instruments. Among the highlights include the famous "Maesto", an orchestra from 1900 comprised of 10 different instruments. Also in this room is the splendid "Phonolistz Violiona" playing solo violin. Many additional discoveries can be found as well, each one more fascinating than the one before.

Opening hours from October 1st

Saturday & Sunday: guided visit at 14:00 and 15:30