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Galerie de pièces à vendre

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table MERMOD Ideal Soprano

sublime harmonie with 4 cylinders- 6 tunes each
2 combs each 51 teeth, cylinder 37 cm. long
table and box carved oak
made in Ste-Croix for the export (USA)
Mermod Frères about 1905
dim. 96x52x102 cm

CHF: 14500.-
music box 6 tunes

plays 6 tunes
keywind at the edge
without tune sheet
comb 102 teeth, cylinder 27 cm. long
case in walnut
dim: 40x13x11 cm
made in Geneva about 1860-1870

dim. 40x13x11cm

CHF 3600.-
Musib box with 6 tunes

Music box with 6 tunes Opeera (Verdi, Bellini, Mayerbert, Albert
Cylinder 24 cm.comb 88 teeth
Serial Nr 1711
Made by Ducommun Girod Geneva ca 1860-1870
dim. 41x16x13 cm

CHF: 4000.-

the biggest model Stella for public places, plays discs 65 cm. without hooks (invention from Junod vor Hamonia to distort the german brevet)
coiner for piece of 1fr.
2 combs with each 101 teeth
with 10 discs in a base
base with inlay made by Mermod Frères Ste-Croix about 1900
dim. 88x53x240 cm.

CHF 25500.-

Music box with discs Mira, comb 33 teeth
disc diam. 18.2 cm With 10 discs
made by Mermod Frères Ste-croix, about 1900

CHF: 2200.-
Phonographe Lyre

for cyinder in wax 2 minutes
made in France about 1900

CHF 950.-
Motor for automate 3 sizes

Motor with spring for automate in brass
made in small quantities in our workshop
3 sizes differents
description of each modell underneath
Motor Nr 1

the smalliest
dim. without the axel 94x93x30 cm
spirng thick 0.5 breadth 16 mm. length 1200 mm.
Sortie barrel 1 turn per minute

SFR 600.-

the same as the precedent just a bit bigger
dim outside without the axle 108x62x42
spring thick 0.5 breadth 25 length 1600
sortie of the barrel: one turn per minte 30

CHF: 650.-
Motor Nr 3

ext. dim. without the axle 145x82x58
spirng thickness 0.7 breadth 35 length 3000 mm
sortie of the barrel 1 turn per minute

CHF: 850.-
to sell for place reason

some mechanical instrument
not repaired
see the list below

POPPER Happy Jazz band

Piano orchestrion pneumatic Popper with percussion on the top, piano with effect mandolin, big drum and small one, cymbal, wood block, and triangle, with 15 rolls old and new one
the top is a part new, still play with an aspirator, but the original pump are still their
dim. 158/76/250 cm.

CHF: 10000.-
Karussell Orgel BRUDER A

Big Orgel plays with a wood cylinder 8 tunes
comb 70 keys, made by Alfred Bruder in Waldkirch
to be complete repair.
Dim. 180/85/170 cm

CHF: 8000.-
Piano Phillips Duca

Piano with Mandoline effect, from Feurich
pneumatic systeme, 200 holes, still play, but ought to be restore
with 10 paper rolls
dim: 153/72/140 cm

CHF: 1900.-
Coelophone Orchester

License Gavioli, made by Thibouville Lamy
37 Keys with reeds and expression ledge
the case was new done bur the pneumatic muss be done
dim. 76 746 750 cm.

CHF: 3750.-

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