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8 tunes cylinder 33 cm.
Comb 68 teeth and 16 for Drum, bells
play with 20 cents
3 dolls dancing
made by Uhlmann Ste-Croix circa 1900
dim. 67x38x75 cm.

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Bycicle Music box (station)

music sublmie harmonie tremolo, zither plays 6 tunes, doble springs, light, cylinder 33 cm.
3 combs of 39/40(44 teeth. plays 2 tunes for one frank.
automat ladies with Bicycle made by Michel Bertrand moves head and the links arm made by Jules Cuendet l'Auberson 1900
dim. 80 /47/92 cm

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Cabinet with window

12 Tunes, plays with 10 cents
5 bees strike on 5 Bells, drum
cylinder 33 cm. comb 47 Teeth
made by l'Epée Ste-Suzanne France 1880
dim. 69/31/68 cm
Station music box

10 tunes, 4 dolls dancing
3 chinese strike against 6 Bells, move the head.
double springs
made by Mermod Frères Ste-Croix about 1900
dim. 71/39/87 cm

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Music box with Bells

Cylinder 33 cm. comb 87 teeth
beautiful inlay
made by Paillard Ste-Croix 1880
dim: 59/33/26 cm
Piano Forte

music box piano forte with effect piccolo
6 tunes, cylinder length 21.8 cm. diam. 46 mm.
2 combs 89 and 34 Teeth
serial Nr 22886 keywind, 3 arms
box in walnut
made by Ducommun Girod Geneva about 1860
dimensions: 38/26 and 12 height

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Grand format organocléide

plays 6 tunes operas ouverture
cylinder big diameter 9 cm. length 49 cm
2 combs for a total of 180 teeth
box with inlay on the top and on the front
dim: 92/40/27 cm
Music box 8 tunes

8 tunes, english songs serial Nr 35620
cylinder 33 cm comb 102 teeth
made by Lecoultre Frères Geneva 1860
dim. 53/19/14 cm

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bush with 2 birds with clock

wind moving on one bird, the other drink water (song disease of birds) water movement if made with twisted water
made by Bontemps Paris 1880
dim. globe 38x19x31cm
Automata Turc Dancing doll

Agitate the tambourine with head and eyelid movement and unhaenessing
Nr 48 for the firm Lambert Paris
with 2 tunes: les cambrioleurs et les Cloches de Corneville.
under the base it writen magasin au nain bleu
the dresses are original, see Christian Bailla book page 351 (l'âge d'or des automates)
made in France about 1890

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Automate danseuse gitane

moves a tambourine and wit waddling motion
waltz music
original dress
made by Lambert Paris 1880
Automata drinking tee

Musik with 1 tune, move the head, eyes and eyelid
the arm take a tea cup agaist her mouth and a arm
keep the tea-tray
maker Lambert Paris 1880
dim. 233x23x57cm

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Symphonion with bells

music box with discs made specially for publics places, 2 combs 58 and 60 teeth and 10 bells
coiner for 20cts
with 10 new discs (renaissance)
dim. with base and surbase 78x42x211cm

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Traval Phonpgraph Mikiphone

for disc 78 tours
made in Switzerland about 1930
Music Box 8 tunes

9 bells underneath
Comb 78 teeth
Cylinder 33 cm
Inlay at the front and on the top
Made in Geneva about 1870-1880

Cartel 8 airs

Mandoline piccolo
clavier de 92 lames
cylindre de 33 cm double barillets.
fabrication Genève vers 1880.
Dim: 62 / 22 / 18 cm

Titres: La Norma, Barcarolle, Excelsior, Lagoon waltz,Sylvia polka,Princess Ida, Carmen, Boccacio.
Cartel 8 airs

Tremolo Concertino
clavier de 100 lames
cylindre de 35 cm
double barillets.
Fabrication Genève vers 1880.
Dim: 65 / 23 /16 cm

Titres: Le Prophète, La Mascotte,Volubilis, Martha, La Girouette polka, Le jour et la nuit, La Norma, Künstler Leben valse.
Cartel 8 airs

6 Cloches
Tambour en dessous
Claviers de 98 lames
cylindre de 38 cm.
Fabrication L’Epée à Ste-Suzanne France qui
utilisait des programmes marqué musique de
Genève vers 1860-70.
Dim: 69 / 32 / 32 cm.

Titres: Marche de Norma, ah dre assorta Ballata, Partant pour la Syrie, Il travatore, arche triumphale, Lucie de Lammermoor,La joyeuse polka,Valse les yeux bleus.



Music box with Bells

8 tunes with 6 Bells
Comb 60 teeth
Cylinder length 24 cm. (9.5 inch)
Made by Paillard Ste-Croix about 1880
Station music box

with moving picture, schumaker with his apprentice and 5 doll dancing
plays 8 tunes, 2 combs "Sublime hamonie"
each comb 62 teeth. Cylinder 45 cm. long.
two springs. Plays with 20 cents.
made by Paillard Ste-Croix ca 1900

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Kabinet with music

rare music box made vertically in one Kabinet with inlay
Movement with 6 bells in iron, plays 8 tunes opera
cylinder 33 cm. long, 86 teeth on the comb
made by Brémond Geneva Ca 1880
dim. 61/24/ heigh 53 cm.

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Music box orchester

8 tunes, 17 doppel reeds, 9 bells
Cylinder length 33 cm. (13 inch)
very nice inlay
made in Geneva cy 1880

bird cage with 2 birds

pedestal in wood and gold stucco
song without stopping or intermittent
made by bontems Paris ca 1900

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Tabatière with singing bird

made by Griesbaum Germany about 1925
bronze carved
the bird turn the head, flutter the wings move the the beak and turn on himself
dim. 11x7.5x5cm
Nr 26 Tabatière with singing birds

made by Griesbaum Germany about 1925
case in silver, bronze and brass with pearls incrusted
the bird turn the head, move the beak, flutter the wings and turn on himself
dim. 11x7.5x5cm
Music box with table

Mandoline expressive
6 cylinders with 6 tunes on each (36 tunes)
comb 122 teeth
cylinder length 33 cm. (13 inch)
beautiful inlay on the music and of the table
,ade by Grosclaude Geneva 1860-1870
Picture with music box

with glock and angelus
4 tunes, cylinder lenght 21 cm. (8.3 inch)
comb 82 teeth
made by l'Epée Ste-Suzanne in France
play every hour or when you want




Tabatière à oiseaux

Fabrication Griesbaum
Allemagne vers 1925
Motif rare en bronze ciselé.
Dim: 10 / 7 / 5 cm

L’oiseaux tourne sur lui-même,bat des ailes et remue le bec.
Station music box

8 Tunes, Comb 71 teeth, play with money
2 dancing dolls, light.
Made : L'Epée à Ste-Suzanne
France vers 1900.


Nr 9 station music box

putting together by Lassueur with changing cylinders. Idel Zither made by Mermod Frères Ste-Croix about 1900.
with two cylinders 6,tunes each
comb 62 teeth, dylinder 29cm. long
with moving picture (gymnast cats) 3 dolls dancing, coiner for pieces fo 0.20cts
light, drawer at the side for one cylinder and the money.
dim. 70x43x82 cm.
Disc music box POLYPHON

for discs 56 cm. 2 Combs 58 and 60 teeth, one comb 16 notes for the metallophone
with 10 discs and basement
made in Germany about 1900
Adler Fortuna

Disques de 54 cm
2 claviers de 60 lames
belle et forte sonorité avec 12 disques
Fabrication Allemande vers 1890-1900.
Dim. 77 / 205 / 40 cm
avec base et corniche.


Phonographe en tôle peinte pavillon orange

disque 78 tours
35x45x66 cm
fabrication Belge 1915
Phonographe « Grand Busy-Bee-Disc »

for disc 78 tours
made by Oneill James Co. Chicago USA 1907

34x34x67 cm

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